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An op-ed for the Washington Post about a cheap, scaleable way to remove carbon from the atmosphere while feeding people, providing homes for creatures, and building water and soil levels. An argument for greater investment in agroforestry worldwide:

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An assignment for News Deeply following a team of researchers trying to unlock the secrets of great white sharks that spend their first years on the southern shore of Long Island. The crew captured and satellite-tagged the first great white of 2018 during those days, a 5-foot, 1-year old male. View this and other writing projects, from a comment on sports coverage to a conversation with actress Alison Sudol and features for the Guardian, here:

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 Great gull island photo series

Great gull island photo series

View images created for a photo essay from Great Gull Island biological research station, plus news of exhibits, investigative reports, and ongoing projects like Hunter/Gatherer.

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